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Products of MANAMEDU village

MANAMEDU a village in Trichy District of South of India is interior village with population of roughly 13500 people. Main sournce of income of this population is agriculture and handloom. Poverty level is intense despite their traditional weaving of handloom voile. Literacy level is too less with roughly 1000 men and 200 women educated more numbers are semi- literate who either know only to sign or little educated not enough to organize in morden way. Having approximately 3000 men and 1500 women weavers with average earning of US$ 1.35 per day for a family. depending availability of work. They have mastery on handloom weaving of finer yarn but lack the knowledge of latest trend, they weave what they are given. Products manufactured by them are fine and of good quality specially meant for indian traditional Sarees but lack of demand in Indian market due to import of polyster autoloom fabrics and yarns has made them to suffer. They now survive mainly because of exports of home furnishings.


Mediator (master weaver) plays important role in procuring and sending back to the exporters or other buyers. His role is to collect dyed yarn and distribute to weavers and send back fabric to the customer. Mainly wage rate is based on the demand and supply but involvement of master weaver most of the times make sure that weaver does not earn more than the earlier wage.

Life of Manamedu Village 

manamedu village house

manamedu life

hand process of making warp

process for weft for weaving

manamedu woman weaver

 Mr. Nallasami sitting left side
Thanks to Mr. Nallasami sitting left side who provided information


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