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These sculptures focus on human existence and birth.

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Sexual poses of Khajuraho temple signifies the sex was spiritual way of life.

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sexual poses in Khajuraho temples

Khajuraho Mystery temples | Athirathram video

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Ancient Indian Art and ritual practices were based on the reality of life involving Karma (destiny) and Kama (carnal ecstasy) together. The belief was fulfillment of both functions, way to attain moksha (spiritual way to heaven). And Moksha was the ultimate objective of human being. Moksha means to them was success of birth on earth. Fulfillment of sexual and spiritual act was the path towards the objective of life on earth. Sex was as sacred as other holy rituals. Spiritual exercise was yoga and physical exercise as bhoga. Together, was the path to Moksha (deliverance and way to heaven)!!!

The sexual carvings we see in Khajuraho temple walls are mirror of ancient time. The people of that age took a strong view of life and gave sex its due place. Khajuraho temple walls have most sexual poses inscribed in ancient text of Kamasutra. Kamasutra was believed as science to attain the best carnal ecstasy. The objective of Kamasutra was to educate methods and purpose of attaining sexual satisfaction.

Each temple wall and the poses have specialty to mesmerize visitor with its perfection in engraving and figure. These sculptures look real while viewing in deep contemplation. Each depiction of these poses symbolizes the realism of present and past human sexual desires. And carnal ecstasy is believed, way to fulfillment of human emotional and physical necessity after food and water. According to ancient architectural texts, the depiction of the loving bird, animal and human couples was considered auspicious and believed to bring luck to who made and who see or worship. The carvings on Khajuraho temples are unique in the world.

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Khajuraho Mystery temple reminds in antiquity sexuality and spirituality were similar and both were towards craving.