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Stress is a situation when fail to accept occurrence negative to expectations.

Each of us unknowingly involve into stressful moments in the life. Under unavoidable circumstances, we tend to occupy deep into the issues relate to our emotional values, integrity, identity, ideology, relationship, greed, self importance, worry, safety, and so on. Human is social species so lives in groups for security and attachment thus involve in the matters, which are inevitable whether in form sorrow or pleasure. We take issues to our heart to arouse emotions and live with it. Emotions facilitate to realize the purpose of life and we live for, tend to associate deep and deep into affairs. The stress is good for the evolution and the health if does not exceed the limitations. Many circumstances incite us to react to hunger, family, kids, study, marriage, companion, job, comfort, health, future, safety, ambition, and so on. Become objective of our life thus refuse to accept failure. The failure and complexity build up frustration, fear, and insecure situation to our personality.  Finally, burdens our sole and mind to extreme that fails the functioning to react. Study stress, family stress, kids stress, relationship stress, job stress, economic stress, and so on, each of these has our emotional attachment in relation our personality.


The Stress: A force applied with strength to extreme or beyond the capacity is stress. Application of stress is in order to sustain, defend, defeat, or achieve the objective. A stress has both negative and positive impacts that lead to strain. The consequence of stress is strain that means the disturbances resulted due to stress imbalances the arrangement. Continuous stress in one stage increases the capacity and makes powerful on the other hand disturbs internal structure and damages it. A stress applied physically leads to physical strain and if mental gives mental strain. Strain is a sort of pain caused by the disturbances. Whether physical or mental that disturbs smooth going deteriorates formation. It is like an elastic tape, which is stretchable but has limit to it, trying to stretch over the limitation would only damage the tape. In one way, strain and stress are same, begins from stress, and ends at strain. Thus, the stress is stretch and strain is pain or the outcome. Finally, we call in normal language is “stress” penetrated deep into our human society killing each of us. 

Stress: Is a stage of blankness within self, led by confusion, frustration, aggravation, irritation, competition, and dissatisfaction.  A reason of frustration etc is failure to resist, defend, or defeat. The stress is a result of conflict between two forces that are environment and the self

The external and the internal forces are two opposite features and related to each other. One is to attract and the other one to react and act. However, when internal force becomes weaker to external force, the inability that we face creates the stress due to strain resulted by helplessness. The external force is also a creation by us to live with it through our ambitions, desires, and the activities etc. The external force is the environment or what we call is the situation that attracts us to react. The reaction when fails to match despite the efforts and deep involvement makes us desperate and we fail to go with it.  Internal force is our own self, the personality.

Our personality is always ahead of us that influence us to act according to its requirements and desires. Our brain and body as tool act to fulfill the directions. The process of direction and action is through the chemical reactions in the body. Success and failure are the reaction of chemical substance that cheers us up during success and sadden when fail. Our brain cells too get confused during the act, due to extreme involvement towards the goal whether for happiness or sadness. The brain fails to act in its extreme functioning as the machinery in its extreme overheats and collapses. We can sense this situation when we find ourselves in vacuum and nothingness. Is a confused position or stressed and to overcome the situation we have to forget what we intended in our mind and relax until cools down.


The situation of stress is experienced by each living creation. However, with human being is very common, and we live with it. Our life pattern and life routine both account to involve us to fight for survival. Every day life is too stressful as we incur excessive practices and live in hectic life, without these practices we fail to achieve the objectives and goal. The goal that we fight for is difficult, many occasions to reach the goal we incur excessive practices and activities that intensifies the brain exercises to exhaust. The exhaustion of brain is reasons for many unwanted anger, misbehavior, indecency etc.

Each of us has own identity and self-respect comprising own values and taste. Unknowingly we fight to protect these values, as we need to retain in until our death.  Failure to protect is defeat to self-value that becomes emotional depression leads to stressful life. In this case, women and the slaves are the most sufferers. The freedom in the life mean to focus and present principles of own identity. Failure to utilize is defeat to own identity and the defeat is the cause of stressful life. This type of stressful life hurts own emotions sensing suicidal life accelerate negative reactions in the body and mind to produce many unwanted decease and dullness.

Stress develops when pressure builds up in our brain owing to many reasons such as frustration, shock, confusions, disagreement, emotional depth, workload, fear, sorrow, excessive involvement, shame, deteriorated relationship, and distressing incidences and so on. Under these circumstances, we take incidences deep into our soul to confuse brain to function in normal sense. Thus develops anger, irritation, and other abnormal behavior etc. We reach to a stage when do not realize anything except now what, what do I do, what is next, why is it like this, why I did, and so on. These emotional questions come from the soul (personality) gives an indication of self-confusion becomes beyond our reach to control the situation. We become empty and find nothing ahead of us. We realize darkness everywhere is the situation stressful life. 

In present world order it is impossible to avoid stressful life, however, is possible to minimize provided we follow smooth going systems. The people, who understood the repercussion of stress have made their life successful life but are least in percentage. Extreme emotional involvement, disagreement, and worry are among many reasons for devastation.  In each stage of life right from school going, our instinct or the social order influences us to involve in activities to win. Experiencing gain is an utmost task that involves emotions and brain to accelerate functioning results to exhaustion. Emotion (individuality) controls brain, stress harms emotions and emotion harms brain cells

Consequences of Stress depend on the type of stress one is undergoing:  Major stress problems inflict major mental and other desperate issues.


        Memory failure owing to excessive burden on brain, affects intelligence and common sense.

        Oppressive or passive behavior depending on the nature of human being and nature of incidence led to stress.

        Depression and distasteful behavior towards own life.

        Stress causes breathing problems.

        Stress kills desire to eat and becomes tasteless, food we eat does not produce protein rather produces acidity! Stress is major reason for stomach and related disease!  Stress weakens digestion.

        Stress is for Sleepless nights and dozy day.

        Stress affects brain to weaken Sexual desires and act.

        Stress affects smooth blood circulation and heartbeat.

        Stress minimizes brain activities.

        Stress is root to mental and disorders.

The stress is most dangerous culprit for serious health and mental problems. Therefore, we must avoid stress wherever is possible. Many small tips that we do not consider and avoid them; may be very useful to minimize stress in life: 

        Excessive involvement for unessential needs and desires only hurts emotion. Defeat in this case is better than the pain so one must be prepared for negative side also.       

        Fresh mind can undertake and understand things better way.       

        Ego only hurts and damages the environment. Calm and relaxed moods creates amusing environment. Best method the impress and succeed.       

        Develop hobby and creations that relaxes the mind.       

        Enjoy life and nature to build pleasing personality. These people are the most successful in life and career.       

        Undertake, what is possible over ambition and desire can lead to failures. This avoids experiencing failures.       

        Developed helping nature develops relationship; better relationship is for better support even during crisis.        

        Desperate and hasty attempts may spoil and develop greediness.

        Spare and devote time for own to concentrate relaxed and recreation. This facilitates to divert mind from daily routine and ease. Above all refreshes to undertake new assignments.

Above information is only my assumption and views may not be accurate and not suitable to small kids. Eligible students too are requested to seek guidance of teachers before referring above information.

Stressful life results sexual weakness. Desire to have sex diminishes or action fails during the attempt due to non arousal. Be prepared to face situation in relaxed mood. Cool mind and enjoy environment around may reduce stress. Enjoying sexual desire and to fulfilling desire requires brain to react to activate required tools. Man or woman fails when unable to focus on sexual craving.