Job Stress

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Job stress begins right from the stage of searching jobs. Looking for a job is not that easy despite having good qualifications one has to struggle to find job of one’s taste or field. Graduation or other theoretical studies alone do not serve purpose of establishments; they need people with experiences who can handle job at once or be ready to work as trainee. This hurts for those who spent almost 20years of their life in education in expectation of good opening. Begin searching jobs in ads to knocking doors of establishments. For many unexpected delay and failures, breaks our heart to build up depression, soul, and mind cursing self and god for failures. The stressed individual develops irritating behavior, weakening confidence, dizziness and so on. 

  • Job is essential for freedom and self-reliance.
  • Having a job is an identity of an individual.
  • Job brings maturity.
  • Job is a source of income to fulfill own needs and so on.

Considering these factors job plays important role for an individual. Thus, each individual’s endeavor is to have a nice source for income and becomes priority of life.

World unemployment level is so high that one does not have any choice but to accept what is available. In developing countries where literacy level and job opportunities are too low, getting job is a dream. Especially, in rural areas where employment opportunities are too scarce is like finding food during draught. Over 50% of working age group is either unemployed or partially employed. In developed western or North American economy, the situation is different. The economy is into the hands of automation and competitive market these reduce the scope of job opportunities. Numbers of youths are unemployed and starve to seek the break but unfortunately, absence of availability of opportunities drags unemployed youths into any available activity that pays money, irrespective of legal or illegal activities. Earning money becomes their objective. Under depression, such people loose their conscious of right or wrong. Stressed unemployed youths develop offensive attitude such as violence, crime, part of terrorism, opting illegal activities such as trafficking, prostitution, smuggling, etc. For more on this issue please link to below banner.

Job stress is a situation when pressure builds up in the brain during involvement in the job. Any job that gives strain creates unfavorable environment that affect brain and individuality is a situation of uneasiness and depressing. Individuality suffers from emotional injury and brain suffers from exhaustion during task. However, in both cases brain and body come in pressure due to their functional systems. These two factors play role to give job stress.

Emotional  stress in work place: The situation that leads to attract negatively our emotions to react to reject is emotional stress. Many instance we come across during office hours. Some manage and some are disheartened. However, to ignore or react to the situation depends on how mentally strong one is or depends on need or choices availability for change. Nevertheless, many instances are strong enough to weaken the individual to invite depression in self as change of a job may become difficult.

  • We spend most of our life in work places and meet different personalities as colleagues and bosses. Our personalities some times match with others and sometimes do not. Boss’s/ senior colleague or partners’ bad attitude becomes irritating environment, which affects own working. Find in as stage that forces to reject the atmosphere and inability to continue.
  • Despite working hard when does not get the suitable reward or salary, demoralizes the individual.
  • Misbehavior and harassment by bosses develops insecurity and fear. 
  • Inability to perform or reach office timely is one of the reasons to create fear.
  • Restrictions on movements and freedom to work are like imprisonment.
  • Sexual harassment or mistreatment from boss or senior colleague is demoralizing situation.
  • Office politics and jealousy is reason to dishearten.  

Nevertheless, effect on emotions depends on the ability to absorb and behavior of an individual. Each individual has a different personality, for example, introverted and extroverted personality, aggressive and flexible personality, negative and positive personality, proactive and passive personality and so on. The individual absorbs and reacts to the environment (situation) in accordance to the personality possessed. For example, an individual of aggressive behavior has a dominant character and would always wish to dominate the surrounding. Failing the objective is emotional pain for such characters and for others the interference in their working so all them may not agree or accept such situation. This situation is a force that influences our conscious to react, again depends on how we take this situation. Many loose to the situation and many succeed to win over by their performance and personal ability.  The situation creates an atmosphere to build pressure in the mind to react in positive or negative according to individual’s capacity. Therefore, emotional stress in office premises is a result of conflict of characters.


Brain stress in workplace: This is a situation when our brain exhausts during carrying job activities due to workload, long hours, complexity, or inability to complete timely. These factors contribute to build up high pressure to create chaos to let brain function under compulsion.  Continuous and routine pressure in an activity to puzzle brain, results brain to drain and disturb.  Exhausted brain, in all cases, fails to either respond or concentrate.  In addition, damages other essential activities. Brain stress denotes excessive burden on brain than its capability.  Weakens its cells to absorb and releases inconsistent chemical directions to damage body and self.  Such symptoms may be:

  • Inefficient working and mistakes
  • Bad or wrong decisions
  • Quarrel and misbehavior with colleagues
  • Weak memory and weak health
  • Job dissatisfaction and short temperament
  • Depression and irritation
  • Migraine and headache
  • Sleep problems.
  • Indigestion and stomach disorder
  • Eye sight  and breath problems
  • Change in behavior and addiction to unwanted.
  • Extreme and continuous stressful work  may lead to high blood pressure, asthma, paralysis, chest pain and heart attach and other seviour mental issues,

Brain functions in all circumstances such as during emotional involvement, physical involvement, intellect involvement, and identity involvement.  Mainly, the function of the brain and its cells is to react and act to fulfill these purposes through direction of personality. Purpose of brain is to protect and maintain personality. Thus, its involvement is essential in each activity of species.

In fact, mind and brain are the same when we say emotionally it is mind and biologically it is brain. Intellect and brain involvement differs from job to job, individual to individual, and place to place. There are mainly five categories of jobs:

  • Planning and management
  • Travel and marketing
  • Personnel and relationship
  • Desk  or accounts
  • Physical and labor

Each of these jobs needs different level of brain attention and the mental stress is in accordance. 


Physical stress in jobs: This is a situation when body and its parts begin straining due to excessive sittings, risky, hazardous and hard restless physical involvement. Many jobs necessitate physical involvement such as labor, travel and marketing, desk and accounting, communication and relationship, and so on. However, the entire jobs one or the other way involve physically performing responsibilities.  Level of stress depends on how long, how risky and hard one strains the body to complete the job.


Sitting in a chair working continuously for long hours in a computer looking continuously in screen and typing with fingers does not mean the easiest work. This too gives strain to neck, shoulders, spinal code, eyes, and so resulting spondylitis, deformed spinal code, weakening eyesight and pain, shoulder pain. And so on. Therefore, each job has its disadvantages until handled properly.  Each job needs physical involvement whether silently or practically. In both cases, body needs relaxation and break to adjust to normal functioning.


Most physical jobs known for low-level meant for semi and unskilled labor. Requires less mental ability but requires physical involvement. Type of physical involvement depend country-to-country and developed to developing countries. In developed economy, physical labour conducted with the help of motorized tools to reduce risk and physical involvement on the other hand in developing economy physical labor is real physical. Especially in developing unorganized economies, the physical labor is too risky and hazardous. People forced to work without necessary precautions. Prevention laws are at stake in industries such as chemical, ship recycling, cottage industries, brick making, limestone, salt making, fishing, mines and so on. A stage comes when the strained body injures and fails to undertake everyday jobs.  They are exposed to risk directly so are vulnerable to acute diseases such as paralysis, tuberculoses, chest pain, body pain, asthma, skin diseases, deformed spinal code, loss of eyesight, weakness, and so on. Nearly 5-10% dye or suffer Tuberculoses and suffer painful life.  Their necessities incline them accepting such jobs. Keep working until body fails.  


Women and stress in jobs: Women are vulnerable to office atmosphere. They cannot accept what men can, they cannot behave as men can, they cannot be free as men are, and they cannot stay in the office as men do, and so on. In most cases, their movements are not as free as men are. They need to restrict themselves to protect their integrity and identity for survival in the society thus restricts them to limitations to association with men, work long hours, and show frankness. These limitations trim their growth in the office. In men’s world women have to behave so they escape harmful atmosphere. These factors altogether drive to emotional stress that she has to stand as long as she is vulnerable to unwanted conduct.  


Her weakness in the job or frank mix-up would be an invitation to male boss to seek closeness so she is reticent, in the same time she would not even wish her boss to scold for her weakness so she is active as long as she is in the office.  She carries this tuff job more than her routine office job. She is most scared in the office is being raped or molested. Preventing such accidents, she has to be very cautious. Her each step is vigilant during office hours so she spends more energy in saving herself than doing her routine office work.

She suffers emotional stress more than any other types of stress in the world. Early morning she wakes up to finish home necessities and prepare children for school with the help of husband. In most cases, husbands are lethargic at home so she is responsible. Office tension begins right from the home as after finishing home duties she has to rush for office to reach on time or face arrogance of the boss. Not only is she to take care of home and family but she needs to be perfect at office too to avoid any mistreatment. Even during the office hours, she is unable to escape from happenings at home and children

The hectic, exhausting, and tensioned life of her is stressful and emotionally painful until she has a support from her husband or close reliable associates who she can trust. Most of divorced women suffer these crises. She is alone and she wants companion to lay her head on his shoulder or lap to relax but men are alike who want her to lay for their sensual need.  She cannot even open her heart to office male colleagues. They are dogs they would come after her as dogs follow bitch during the sexual season. Her life is hell in office and home she yells and cries for not understanding her and her problems. Even in developed and advanced countries, though women are independent and safe yet they wish some one who would console and take care of her emotional pain. She feels insecure and unsafe so women freedom does not mean she is safe. Social attitude need to change towards lonely women and respect so she can gain confidence of being safe in the society. On the contrary, the social thinking is distressing and disappointing in especially developing religiously fanatic countries. In advanced countries if not, same thinking is no better also.  The pain she suffers leads to disastrous illness that she realizes when reaches to its extreme.

  • migraine and headache are common in such women
  • Depression and fatigue
  • Menstrual and mental disorder
  • Dull and laziness
  • Body pain and symptoms of cancer
  • Lack of charm and sad feelings
  • Distasteful food and lack of hunger
  • emotional setback
  • Weak memory and weak health
  • Inefficient working in office
  • Lack of attachment to sensual feelings
  • Breathing problems and sleep disorders
  • Extreme stressful life  may bring, breast cancer and other acute mental issues

Many private establishments use women instead of using their services. They keep women to entertain or enjoy. Boss wants a woman secretary all the time even during late sitting in the office. He expects her sensual favor and as a reward, she gets growth in the company or if not harassed or mistreated. This sort of attitude has defamed office moral.


For both men and women who suffer distressing situation is difficult to cope and go on. Their work becomes burden, as they do not get encouragement to perform better. They loose interest to perform better for the organization and work only for sustaining as long as they do not get substitute. The discouragement encourages doing for worst and revengeful if are smarter to harm the company.  For any office and its survival or growth, the environment counts and is an asset to pull efficient people towards it. For smooth running of the office, working atmosphere is essential. Safe, secure, and pleasant atmosphere of the establishment is an attraction for efficient results.

Stress and office: In most cases, job stress is unavoidable due to nature of work, pressure from the boss, pressure of workload, responsibility and so on. We have to bear and live with it as long as we need of the job and have ambitions to rise.

  • Office environment is totally different as each of us has expectations from the office such as rise, pay increase, fame, status, favorable assignment and so on, creates an environment of competition to come is good books of boss, jealousy, politics, favor, escaping responsibility or holding others responsible and so on. An environment full of spice may not be easy for all to grasp, nevertheless, one has to live with it as no other choice.  It is life so learn to live.
  • Be stiff but not rude helps avoiding enmity.
  • Forgetting home when in the office would help mixing-up in office environment.  We feel stressed when we are not fully mixed up in that environment. Enjoying environment smoothen movements in the office.
  • Be cool and happy, helps peaceful working and understanding. Depression, tension heat brain and escalates blood pressure diverting mind to other entertaining subjects or relaxation cools to refresh.
  • Forget office when in home. Keeping office tensions in mind deteriorates home life.
  • After the hectic working schedule body and brain need rest. Availing an opportunity to concentrate and relax rejuvenates body and brain functioning. Concentration process facilitates body and mind to relieve pressure built up during the whole day of working.