UNORGANISED SECTOR and lack of social security

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Story of RAMGOPAL worker in unorganised sectors

On the death of the households bread winner, the only hope of a family of four, a mother, two sisters and an infant brother, was a smart but ill-nourished, good looking lad, Ram Gopal, who has just seen eighteen summers Illiterate he was. But not indignant and irresponsible. He smilingly l            took the burden of running the family, and for that he took to rickshaw pulling.

His father, who was a rickshaw puller, died of tuberculosis, quite natural, as his poverty did not allow him for proper medical care being beyond his reach. Ram Gopal was the only hope of entire family. He too opted to rickshaw pulling for survival. Ram Gopal, with a rickshaw on rental, worked unduly long hours to earn as much to break even the minimum needs of his family. He with vigor of his youth and will to hard labor, managed to get his sisters married. Joy and happiness he did not to share with any, but he had his woes and worries, which he had to share. A young lady from another poor family was there to shoulder those- his wife.

Time went by. Ram Gopal too grew old with accompaniments of ill-health and ailments. His condition worsened. And finally, his soul also bade farewell to his beloved rented rickshaw and a considerably large family of his won still on the perils of life.

Unlike Ram Gopal, Hari was working in a small-unorganized restaurant. He was to work from dawn to midnight at stretch. Lighter work when compared to that of Ram Gopal rickshaw pulling but without break or holidays. A spell / illness reduced the size of his otherwise meager pay packet. When ill, he had virtually to beg for medical expenses, which his employer very often refused. Above two cases are not isolated instances. They are typical anecdotes from the real life of many a fellow being. Some suitable social security measures are very much warranted in such cases so the otherwise eternal poor and aggrieved with miniscule or rather entire lack of living conditions are helped out.

I understand. ILO had been fighting hard for the right of workers. These benefits are availed only by industrial workers, who are covered under industrial relations Acts

It is only the international organizations that can force any country saying look if you want to be member of world trade organization(W.T.O)/ member of united national organizations u have to have this minimum percentage of population from unorganized sectors covered in social security.
Please think that this is real concern as percentage of old aged people are growing each year. Asia is getting day by day heavily populated, children with their own problems may not want oldies to stay with them due to expensive living cost. You can see many old aged people coming to streets to beg for mere one time food without shelter.



Old age is not for begging in the streets or stay with children who do not want them any more.If they too have their social security benefits this tage would not have happend to them. Alas none has so far endeavoured to understand them. We are still not too late !!!!!!!!!!!!!