Second phase of my life
Third phase of my life
Are we not humans?
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25 years ago, at 8 O' clock in the clouded thundering night my mother procreated me. Besides us was my aunt helping and nursing my mother and me. My aunt went out to announce, " Child is born to you" but was not happy. My father standing outside the room was very impatient to know the birth of a child as after 13 years of marriage a child was born.
Father enquired in curiosity: who was born? He or she!
My aunt was a silent lamenting, tear rolled from her eyes. Was standing drooped. She heard what my father had enquired, but did not dare to say anything instead she looked down and ran inside.
My father looked at my aunty in bewilderment, could not control himself for a moment and yelled "why don't your tell me? What happened to my child born after 13 years"?
Aunt in deploring voice "Come in and see yourself. I don't have courage to tell"
My father lost his patience and rushed inside to take me in his arms. Looked me from head to bottom. He was bewildered, when his eyes went to my bottom. He stood there perplexed taking me in his arms. He watched me as if I were cursed. Nevertheless, he forced a kiss on my cheek. Lay me beside my mother. He stood, his arms rose inculpating God "Oh! God you have deceived me and ruined my child"
Day of my birth was restless, tormenting and ill omened. Father came to my mother. She spoke nothing but tears dropped from her eyes. Her eyes were staring my father constantly placating my father.

My father was worried about my uncertain future "what will my child's future be"? This was the only sentence he repeated many times. My parents did not disclose for long time to any of the relatives and neighborhoods but failed to conceal for long time. One by one all my relatives and neighbors visited my house to see me. People who visited me, were not exhilarated, instead, they condoled. Some from my relatives and neighbors despised to see my shadow presuming ill-omened creature.

None except my father and mother, relatives loved me. It was their greatness.

The life history of a eunuch(IBNlive video) - Jarina, a eunuch has risen above discrimination and penned her life story - Jarina - the Autobiography of a Malayalee Hijra.

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Second phase of my life

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