Second phase of my life
Second phase of my life
Third phase of my life
Are we not humans?
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Most horrifying time of my life was when eunuch's society approached my father and mother!!!

Some dressed as women knocked the door of my house. When my father opened the door.They were found to be eunuchs, without permission they took me to their arms kissed me many times and told they were taking me from them. They also said that men and women society will not support instead would harass. Eunuch's society gave me another life. The atmosphere was very different from yours. Grown eunuchs danced, sang songs for me. They did there level best to satiate me. As I grew young, I felt darkness all over in the world. I was not sent to the school for my education. The cause was that I was not allowed to seek admission in the schools of girls and boys. As men and women community did not accept me. Our education was learning music and dance. Reluctantly, I had to learn all these. I wished to learn writing and reading. My community did not wish me to study privately but they inclined as I was obstinate and helped me learn reading and writing well. It was my fortunate that I was the only one in my community who could write and read. This helped them also to send and receive letters from their mather, father and friends

Third phase of my life

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Harsh Beauty (google video) - For centuries, Eunuchs have been an important part of Indian society. But the elevated role they once held has now faded. Today they live in isolated communities, working as prostitutes and beggar...