Third phase of my life
Second phase of my life
Third phase of my life
Are we not humans?
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My youth and middle age!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I grew I had no way to get a job as unwanted and cursed human. In order to survive what we do in to check the list of newly born children in the hospital. In our eunuch's society, area is divided to each group of eunuchs. Each group has the right only areas which are allotted. Accordingly, we go to the houses of new children born. We perform exhilarating dance and acts. We go away with the gifts and money we receive by dancing. Second function is that the beautiful eunuchs go for Mujaras (singing and dancing in brothels) or direct prostitution. This is respectable assignment for us. We get good amount of money, gifts and what not. Those who are not beautiful come out at night in the street or parks. Stand in the dark under the trees or any hiding place adjoining roadside. Wave hands to call men. Then we take men to secret and dark place to give oral sex satisfaction. After they are satisfied they pay money to us. Old age is tormenting for us as no function is possible for us and have not choice but to beg in the streets or roadsides.

I too wanted to be educated like other human being. I too wanted to live like other human being. But Alas! God has not given us nut and bolt. We do have everything except this. This does not mean that I was not born from mother and father. Then why we beat drums, dance, involve in illegal activities and beg roadside.

Are we not humans?

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Patna eunuchs turn tax collectors(IBNlive watch video) - In Patna, members of the hijra community, have have a new role - collecting pending tax from defaulters.